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THE Original Louisville Style BBQ

Hand crafted, free range, artisanal blend of sweet and tangy with high notes of local bourbon.

The Original

Glorious Orange Ginger

Spicy Buggalo

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What people say about us


"We tried your BBQ and really liked it. Much better than normal store bought stuff. It was...

wait for it...

And it tastes great on Gorn" - KARL MILLER
Captain - Warp 11
Lead Vocals/Bass


"I made some BBQ chicken last night with Buzz's BBQ and it was delicious!" - EDDIE TANCREDI, CEC
Executive Chef
Managing Partner ADEGA at The Metropolitan 9
Chef of the Year 2013


"The sauce was bangin!" - Lyle Konkiel
The Fantasy Football Guys


"I recently got married and had BBQ sandwiches as part of our reception meal. Buzz’s BBQ was a big hit. I received several compliments on the food. Buzz’s BBQ is delicious and well worth the price. Locally owned - 5 star sauce. Try it and enjoy." - STEVE YOUNT
Owner - Steve Yount Insurance


Buzz and his official taste tester Wil

About Buzz's BBQ

No production crew, no sales team, no delivery trucks, I'm just a programmer with a passion for BBQ.

It all started in 1997, I got tired of searching the store shelves only to find BBQ sauces that had too much smoke, too vinegary, too sweet, or too watery. So I started experimenting with making my own bbq sauce in an attempt to find the right balance of sweet, tangy, and just a little smoke.

After some trial and error (and lots of bbq), I found the balance of flavors I was looking for in a sauce. This combination would eventually become Buzz's BBQ Original.

Over the years my guinea pigs family & friends requested more and more sauce. Requests even started coming in from friends of friends who had tried the sauce. I knew I needed to take things to the next level. And after many months of research, planning, and certifications I was ready to start production. Later that year, the first bottle of Buzz's BBQ Original rolled off of the production line.

I produce Buzz's BBQ sauce at the Venture Out Business Center Commercial Kitchen. Production is a hands-on process with no automation. Everything from preparation and cooking to filling and labeling is done by hand.

- Robert "Buzz" Brooks